Aetrex Women’s L2200 Memory Foam Orthotics


L2200 – Our neutral orthotic option, great for an average arch type or if you are unsure which customized orthotic to try, featuring cupped heel to cushion and stabilize the back of foot.

Arch Pain     Plantar          High          Heel        Shock        Pregnancy
                       Fasciitis       Instep         Pain     Absorption


Aetrex Memory Foam Orthotics are designed to provide extraordinary comfort and support for those who are on their feet frequently and are experiencing pain or discomfort. This orthotic features our signature Aetrex Arch Support to help biomechanically align your body & help prevent common foot pain such as Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Pain and Metatarsalgia.


  • Top Cover Material: CopperGuard® antimicrobial lining
  • Center Cushioning Material: lQl50™ Memory Foam for superior cushioning
  • Performance Base: Poron® for shock absorption
  • Neutral Forefoot: Without metatarsal support. For those not suffering from ball-to-foot discomfort.
  • Cupped Rearfoot: Cupped rearfoot for cushioning & stability. For medium/high arch feet.
  • Insole Thickness: .25″
  • Recommended for: Walkers, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Chefs and those who are on their feet often
  • Best for: Everyday Shoes and Sneakers